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Travel with School Year Abroad

There are two types of travel with School Year Abroad: school-sponsored travel and independent travel. School-sponsored trips totaling 20-50 days depending on the SYA country you choose, provide an opportunity for SYA students to see firsthand what they have been studying in the classroom. SYA faculty plan each trip carefully to complement the curriculum. Organizing and taking an independent trip with friends can be a wonderful way to learn self-reliance, practice the language and further explore the student's adopted country. The SYA programs in Europe therefore approve of such trips during weekends and vacations, as long as students have made detailed plans and obtained written permission from their parents at home and from the resident director.

We expect SYA students to travel within their host country; and, in the interests of safety and learning about the host culture, never in a group larger than four students. Independent travel is not offered in China due to the extensive school-led travel program nor in Vietnam due to the compressed nature of the program. Under no circumstances is independent travel to conflict with classes or other school commitments.
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